Kirsten dunst bares their slender legs

Kirsten dunst bares their slender legsLongtime friend "spider-man" actress Kirsten dunst showed her sexy legs in the advertising of popular brands of women's clothing.Girl, has repeatedly stated that he would like that others considered her not as an object of lust, but as an interesting intellectual personality, this one changed me.Wow, Kirsten, just a sex bomb, - shared his impressions the Director of the movie, considering how the actress with obvious pleasure lifts his slender legs. Source: Kirsten dunst bared their slender legs. . . . . Читать полностью -->

British beauty Queen asked urgently getting fat

British beauty Queen asked urgently getting fatBritish beauty Queen claims that she was told to get fat for the upcoming contest "Miss World", reports AP."I was a little shocked," said "Miss England Georgia HORSLEY in interview for the program Today on the American channel NBC."I don't think I'm thin. I'm happy with who I am," says 20-year-old girl, adding: "Perhaps I would be more offended if I was told to lose weight".According to HORSLEY, the contest organizers want to make their girls were more curvy and feminine, not skinny chips with zero size, which is all you see around you"."I just have a more athletic, boyish figure. And they are considering does not gain me some weight, to emphasize the forms," says HORSLEY.In the press center of the contest "Miss World", which will be held in China on 1 December, declined to comment on the statements by the contestants."I do not have a specific weight that I should leave. But I will eat healthy food, rich in fats, such as nuts, avocado, fatty fish, and so on," said the girl.While HORSLEY said that in this query there is nothing wrong: "I don't think it's very serious. Just want me to I've gained a few pounds". Source: British Queen of beauty I was asked to get fat. Читать полностью -->

Gwyneth Paltrow brought to the hospital in a wheelchair

Gwyneth Paltrow brought to the hospital in a wheelchairOn Monday, 35-year-old Hollywood star was brought to the hospital the Mount Sinai Hospital in new York with her husband Chris Martin. And Paltrow was sitting in a wheelchair, which was pushed by Martin himself, reports the Mirror.According to eyewitnesses, the actress was depressed and looked bad. A few hours after her arrival at the hospital, a package arrived from the store with natural products Organics Avenue that says "Gwyneth Martin".The star stayed in the hospital overnight, and the next day she was discharged. A spokesman for the stars Steven Human refused to name the reason for hospitalization, because it is personal, but said that now Gwyneth is at home and feels well.According to the publication, most likely, hospitalization is associated with a knee injury, which Paltrow got last year at the home of Steven Spielberg. Then she had surgery, and she spent several weeks on crutches. Source: Gwyneth Paltrow brought to the hospital in a wheelchair. Читать полностью -->

`Korean LEDчики` recommend `Putin's Plan`

`Korean LEDчики` recommend `Putin's Plan` The group from Vladivostok "Korean LEDчики" recorded a new song on the current topic.In explanation of the eight presidential address to the Federal Assembly of the musical group, the fame that brought the song "Putin" from the debut album "With Anton sral in the same bed", presented a new masterpiece in the style of a reggae song with a simple title "Putin's Plan".According to unlike the song "Putin", the new hit is found only one swear word.On the groups page on the website Realmusic.Ru it is reported that the group is "pleased and proud" is "the new f***er hit this fall"."This song I already wanted to buy one of the infamous political party, but we are not agreed on the price and composition remains our full and unconditional intellectual property. But, in anticipation of the upcoming elections and the growing momentum of the campaign "Putin's Plan", we remain open to suggestions," according to the website.The group invited the party "United Russia" to buy a hit: "Representatives Edra - do not wish to buy this hit?" It is known that "Putin's plan" formed the basis of the party program, which she will go to the December elections to the state Duma headed by the President."Like every brilliant thing, this song was born in unbearable pain. In each line endured the pain and excitement for the future of our great country, sung bright the name of President Vladimir Putin and his unforgettable Plan," written on the group page.While the song is posted on the web absolutely for free, while there are on YouTube her video.Source: "the Korean LEDчики" recommended "Putin's Plan" (video). . . . Читать полностью -->

The finale of `Dancing on ice` will provide Grischuk disability

The finale of `Dancing on ice` will provide Grischuk disabilityThe pair Grischuk - Dranga in the final of the show "Dancing on ice. Velvet season" is under threat. On one of trainings skater got a terrible knee injury. Doctors insist on immediate surgery, but Oksana refused surgery.Athlete in whatever was wanted to reach the final. A slight tear of the meniscus, the loss of half of the cartilage in the left knee - with this diagnosis is not something that the ice to go - the stairs to walk in fear. One wrong move and the person may for life stay lame. Читать полностью -->

`Roots` we will sing forever

`Roots` we will sing foreverAfter the concert, the singer Beyonce has sparked rumours that the band "the Roots" leaves one of the most outstanding soloists Sasha Berdnikov.As his hypothetical care is associated with the arrival of overseas stars and how information about his departure untrue, said Sasha."I was in a state of euphoria after the concert, I was approached by a film crew from MTV and was asked, would I like Beoynce to be in the group, but in parallel, to pursue a solo career. I replied that each member of the group thinks ever about his solo career, how about the next step of his career. And I would just like Beyonce, in addition to working in the "Roots" to try to record something solo," says Sasha.Recall that a few years ago, fans of "Roots" are already scared by rumors about the collapse of the collective. It turned out that actually the guys just recorded a solo album without leaving the group."We already had the project "the Diaries", in which each of the "Roots" released his solo album, recalls the story Berdnikov. - I consider this as an interesting experience -- nothing more. That my words will be taken out of context and appear as a separate news item at that moment, I could not even imagine. Читать полностью -->

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